Rooh Dream Catchers was co-founded by Shrutti Shah & Shahil Shah back in 2014. Before Rooh Dream Catchers took birth, they had already co-founded a start up called Rooh E-commerce. This start up was in the business of beauty and e-commerce. Back then they used to hire and train a lot of women staff from not so privileged or educated backgrounds for packaging & clerical work. After closely engaging with these employees they learned that many of their friends & families are sitting idle at home and would love work as well. However, their families did not allow them to step out of the house and make a living. These families were living in poor conditions and even though there were more stomachs to feed than food on the table, their family members, in most cases father, elder brother, mother were of orthodox and outdated mindsets that women should not be working and they just need to either get married or look after children.

This was a trigger point for us to step in and help these women live a more independent and respectable life. We met few of these women in person and chalked out a plan where they could work from home and still make a living. We gave them the skills, raw materials and tirelessly trained them for hours to make beautiful hand made dream catchers. Once these pieces are ready, Rooh would buy them in advance and sell them amongst their friends / family. E-commerce players like Pepperfry and Amazon supported us a lot to reach a wider audience. Today the brand has international presence in North & South America, Middle East & Europe.

These women turned into micro-entrepreneurs & skilled artisans in no time. This not only gave them their own income source but also gave them the much needed self-confidence and respect from their families. Most of them now earn twice as much than the same family members who once suppressed them from working.

Rooh Dream Catchers started with 2 women artisans in 2014 and has grown the network to around 35+ women & growing…

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